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Hands-On Learning


  1. Cooking - Loads of encouragement is available for all skill levels. This quarter's lessons include buttercream frosting, cupcakes and pancakes from scratch, french toast, and omelets! Youth will apply math skills while learning to measure and multiply quantities for large groups. They will showcase their talents in a youth-led Umoja (Unity) Brunch on Saturday, December 16, 2017.
  2. Fashion 101 - What is fashion? What is beauty? Our youth will work with local fashion lovers to discuss fashion on a budget, how to mix and match to find your personal style, and how confidence can make or break a look. Youth will talk about color palattes, textures, and share what they see in their every day lives. This quarter, the group will design a t-shirt for the in house double-dutch teams and plan outfits to support the youth-led Black History Showcase in February.
  3. Arts & Crafts - Not everyone is creative on their own, but being able to create provides a sense of accomplishment. Our youth will lend their talents in developing decorations for major events, like flags and banners for MLK Day. Starting in October, they will spend several weeks making small items to sell at a youth-led Craft Fair on November 21, 2017.



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