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Welcome to the LB MLK Center Webpage

The Long Beach Martin Luther King Center, Inc. intends to create a community both inside and outside of the community center and the North Park Area of the City by engaging participants, parents, staff, directors and community partners in service projects as part of the MLK Human/Social Services and Education Programs.  The staff and managers of the Long Beach MLK Center upholds the agency’s mission by fostering an authentic culture of service.

Upcoming Event

  • Long Beach M.L.K Center Inc. 2017 Annual Awards Dinner June 13, 2017
    Save the date! The Long Beach Martin Luther King Center Inc. presents our 2017 annual awards dinner and fundraising event, a hope and a future empowering the community with courage, dignity, truth and justice. The award dinner will be listed historical from the current leadership and appreciation to the honorable past and present activists whom stood forth for the Long Beach MLK Center Inc. for their hard work and dedication for many years. We also have history coming from the appearance of the keynote speaker Dr. Bernice A. King (Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr). We ask all to RSVP at and stay updated for more information!