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Empowering our Youth

Here at the Long Beach MLK Center we create opportunities for our youth to improve their lives as well as their community. We aim to provide opportunities and create environments that help foster the growth and empowerment of our youth. Access and exposure is something we work effortlessly to provide. 


We inspire ALL kids to uncover their potential!


After School 

Our Enrichment Program is designed to promote and support the social, emotional, cognitive and academic needs of our students. We provide academic support as well as extracurricular activities, snacks and recreation.


Our S.T.E.M program partnership aims to spark and increase students’ interest in pursuing higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Youth Basketball Tournaments

Here at the MLK Center, we provide exposure and access to multiple sports as well as create events and tournaments for our youth to showcase their many talents!

Summer Camp

Creating and facilitating activities that help maintain youth development as well as create a safe space for youth in the summer is staple. We pride ourselves in our summer program where we design a summer full of activities ranging from educational to the arts and sports.